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Make your feet sandal worthy this summer

Summer maybe peeking through in some parts of the world. This is that time of the year that you want to expose your footsies, have some time off from those boots and let them all breath. And since it’s going to be summer, why not prep them all up. But what would you make those feet worthy of that sandals your eyeing in the mall? I may not be an expert on this but I would like mine to share with you how I give those feet some extra pampering they deserve. So let’s get started.
I know some of you have their personal or favorite salons to do their nails. Others religiously have their trips to spas for their feet.While some do it on their own. Whichever it is those feet needs some reviving and ensuring they’re all in tip top shape.Β 
On days that I do have the luxury of time, I let myself indulge my feet to a foot spa, at my own home. There are now available foot spa bath that you could buy. And there are also lots of spa kits that are sold on stores. Just choose your pick. The only difference here from salons is that it’s more affordable, I also got to chose what bubble bath that I want or incorporate my favorite oil with no extra charge. The best of it is you could also invite your friends, family members to join in. A better bonding experience.
If you may find difficulty on looking for the foot spa bubble bath machine, have a diy instead. All you’ll be needing is a bowl of warm water for your feet to soak in. Then add some scented bubble bath or oil.
For those tiring feet, peppermint oil is good for reviving them, lavender oil for soothing, green tea oil for sanitizing and argan oil for dryness.
For extra softness, just like of a babies bum, i’ve read that almond and milk soak works best. All you need to do is have a clean feet (in order to achieve the best results) add one cup of powdered milk (can be dairy or soy) and one tablespoon almond oil. Mix through. Soak feet at ten minutes. Do not rinse.
After soaking, dry your feet thoroughly with a clean towel. Some may wish to exfoliate after the soak for the callus are more softer. You can use a callus remover for the hard ones.


This is also the best time to remove dirt under your toenails and clip them to suitable length. You could also push back the cuticles as they are now softer. On hectic days, I use a callus file to get rid of rough bumps at the bottom of my feet. I do this after shower. Or I use Scholls Rough Skin Remover. Just apply it on the part where hard skin starts to build then rub off. These have an amazing formulation that softens the skin even if you didn’t soak them.

Put your favorite moisturizing foot lotion, body butter or foot salve to keep them soft and sweet smelling. When I feel that the bottom of my feet still needs that extra care, I use Glysolid Glycerine Cream with glycerine as an active ingredient that helps restore moisture. This really works best.

Feeling fresh you could now apply your favorite nail polish and you’re feet are ready to pah-tey!


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7 thoughts on “Make your feet sandal worthy this summer

  1. Great reminder for everyone – get a pedicure or DIY in advance of the summer sandal wearing season! I can’t handle unsightly callused feet. I also don’t like looking at toes without nail polish (females) but I’m just being picky. I prefer doing my own pedicures since I’m more thorough than the salons! But it is sometimes nice to have someone do them for me. They’re fairly inexpensive here, you can get a mani / pedi deal for $35. I received a foot spa as a present but I never use it – the bubbling water is really annoying! I thought I would love it but I prefer the tranquil still waters, lol! πŸ™‚


    1. Hi! πŸ™‚ we’re on the same page when it comes to feet talk. Right from the start, I never really entrusted my feet to salons so basically I do my own pedicure. I don’t know but I feel like i’ll grew a terrible ingrown instead if they have it done that i’ll keep coming back for they’re the only ones who knows how to take them out. Things like that. I was never really gifted with a woman’s feet, the slender looking ones so if they’re not taken well chances are they’ll be mistaken of a man’s. lol! With that, I’ll make it a point to put nail polish just to distinguish who the real owner is. I remember my mom would always scold her girls if she sees their feet it more looking like of a farmer. You know mothers!

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    1. Thanks! No not yet. Thank you for nominating me chris! πŸ™‚ I still have a pending from you that I haven’t posted yet, my apologies. I promise to keep it up when I get back! πŸ™‚

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