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Going Random on a Sunday: Periscope and Pop Lip Colour and Primer

Hi All!

I just want to hit my laptop keys fast as I soon get hold of these two significant “P’s” in my life as of the moment. Funny that it’s not related in any way but only because it is something that I believe will what most likely would Spring be. All the innovation and revolution. Let start with technology first:

Periscope is currently the “it” thing as of the moment. This app which was initially launched just two days ago enables you to watch a certain person from another part of the world, real time. Live-streaming is what technology enthusiast perceived the future. Right from what it means, a Periscope lets an observer see things that are otherwise out of sight. Sharing what you are having for the world to see. This new app under twitter is earning a huge following to date. Receiving everything first hand, from a pet sleeping, a recent live band performance, a runway show or the news readily shown straight in your smartphones. Currently, the app is only available on iOS with Android still on the works. What I really like about this is that I’ll be able to see first hand news, a certain event, on at a given time. How I see this would be widely used as a new medium in the broadcasting world as to the fastest way of disseminating news to the people. Right here, right now. And what’s more is the live interaction between the broadcaster and the viewer. You got to leave comments and read others as well. Here’s a look of what is Periscope.  PicMonkey Collage
So hit your favorite twitter following and see if they are on Periscope and broadcasting live!

Pop Lip Colour and Primer of Clinique. I think it is all clear how I obsessed lipsticks or any lip products to that matter. Just imagine how my jaws dropped upon seeing Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer I’ve been a lover of Clinique since they are all compatible to my sensitive skin. It’s lightweight formula is what I truly adore. I just can’t contain my excitement for this new line and what’s in store. I checked the website if it’s already avaiIable (this was four days ago) but weren’t. So I made further research firsts, read blogs and reviews. The products released then is for a press kit sent out to respective bloggers for them to make swatches and give their honest opinion on the said products. So far what I all read are very promising ( promising since I haven’t tried it first hand yet) This newly released line of lipsticks are now available in Sephora (as of this writing) And as I checked, it is also now available on online. The new collection is for their Spring release having 15 demi-matte (much more natural that a straight matte) colors consists of 4 sets in Tawnies/Corals, Nudes, Pinks and Violets. The company description says, “This lip color develops a lightweight formula that lasts for up to eight hours. It glides on effortlessly, creating a modern-velvet finish that keeps lips comfortable while lip color that stays true.”  Wow! Imagine a lipstick and a primer in one. Primers, primarily is used in preparation in applying make ups. For the skin, it aids in creating a less oily, more matte appearance and helps in making make up lasts longer. While on the lips, it smoothens and prepares for a long wear. Personally I do prefer Matte lipsticks because of it’s long wearing and bright color. But I hate that it leaves my lips so dry. I know most of you are on the look for a lip product that are comfortable to wear and yet has that true color that lasts. This is a make-up revolution to look out for this Spring.


***Periscope photos author’s own.

***Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer pictures all from



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